>> Product names:Zhuhongmingmu Eye Drop
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         Ingredient: pearl powder, ( )safflower, and so on rare medical herbs.
Actions and indications: invigorate the circulation of blood and remove the extravasated blood/stasis, bring down blood-fat and discharge turbidities, straighten ideas out/resuscitate and sharpen/ eyes.
         It's mainly used for pathological changes of retina, eyeground bleeding, cataract, glaucoma, ulcer of the cornea, and atrophy of
the optic nerve, etc.
         Usage and dosage: 2 - 3 drops each time, 4 - 5 times daily. Shut eyes for 10 minutes after taking it and can take chloromycetin/ chloramphenicol to cooperate with if eyes are getting redder and gums (in the eye) are increasing after taking the drops.
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