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  This product was prepared by means of hi-tech procession of natural mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.)   Sacc.

  【Raw Material】 Cordyceps sinensis
  【Dosage 】 2 grains a dose, and 3 doses a day.
  【Indications】 Patients with weakness or recovery from some disease, and sub-healthy people.
  【Contradictions】Infants, pregnant or lactating women.

  Cordyceps sinensis, natural cordyceps as an alias, grows in non-contaminative soil layers of grass-pasture with high elevation of over   3000m above sea level on Qingzang Plateau, where lives an insect called ghost moth. The lava of ghost moth hides in the soil to   spend the winter, which is called dormancy biologically.At the moment some fungus in the soil invades into the body of the lava to   absorb nutrients, till the body is filled with fungus mycelium and only a layer a sheath of the lava remains.
  During spring, the fungus propagates greatly with most strong vitality and vigor. In summer many colorful shaft-shape structures of the   reproduced fungus emerge out of head of the lava, and further break through the soil to come out. Just like young bamboos after a   raining, the shaft structures can be seen everywhere, growing strongly, whose appearance is like a silkworm, therefore they are called   Dongchong Xiacao in Chinese (insects in winter and grass in summer).

  【Pharmacological Studies】
  Cordyceps sinensis contains abundant essential amino acids for human bodies, and active components such as cordyceps acid,   adenosine, manitol, vitamins and trace elements.. This Chinese herbal medicine has influenced on multiplication of Chinese and has   protected their health for thousands years. So far, experiments have proved that it has many medical functions as follows

  1. To enhance the function of natural killing cells to eliminate various bacteria and virus having invaded on the body, and to possess the   function to protect the body and prevent diseases;
  2. To have efficacy for long cough, deficiency dyspnea, especially for infective diseases in the lung such as pulmonary tuberculosis;
  3. To improve blood supply capacity of the heart, and to alleviate syndromes resulting from ischemia and hypoxia of the brain;
  4. To have functions such as anti-tumor and detumescence, and elimination of fibrosis of tissues and organs resulting from chronic   inflammation, additionally have significant tonification and protection of the liver, especially good effect for alcohol liver, fatty liver, or recovery   of hepatitis caused by HAV, HBV or HCV;
  5. To tonify Qi of the kidney, lengthen a person’s life, improve hearing and vision, help obtain pliable legs, and strengthen the bones and   muscles;
  6. To tranquilize and allay excitement and improve sleep quality;
  7. Increase blood circulation of the whole body, moisten the skin to make the skin whiten and become tender, and remove macula and   make beauty to let you turn younger and more charming.

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